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Sprout has been designed by our leading child feeding team consisting of both NHS dietetic and PHD feeding psychology expertise.

We’ve combined the latest responsive feeding research with years of experience* directly coaching parents to deliver support that works and can fit into your busy life.


*While our guidance is from leading professionals it should not be considered medical advice at any time. If you are concerned about your child’s physical health or well-being at any point please speak to your GP or Paediatrician.

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Understand your child’s eating and chat through your questions and next steps with an expert.

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Get personalised support, connect with other parents and work with experts over 10 weeks to tackle picky eating together.

Need more 1-2-1 support?

On the other hand, if you feel like you need dedicated 1-2-1, you can access a Sprout Personal Plan.


Hmmm how long is a piece of string? That’s a tricky one. You’ll get used to us talking about the fussy eating tower block and how each block needs to be laid  for eating habits to start changing. Each child has a different number of blocks, some start to change after just one or two and others take a few more. What we do know is that the more you can invest in getting each block in the tower right the more chance you have of bringing about lasting changes. Try to be consistent with turning up and putting the work in and you’ll start to see results.

Introducing new foods is like placing the last block on your block tower, it only works when the foundations and all the other pieces are in place first. The time it takes to build up to this is different for every family. We’ll help you to recognise when your child is showing a readiness for new foods, and we’ll point out lots of other signs of progress along the way.

Everyone that comes to us has different levels of knowledge and understanding. For some people, much of what we tell them is new information. Others feel that they already know a fair amount of the information they are being given. The key part here is to recognise that even if you feel you already know a great deal about fussy eating; if you are still having issues with your child’s eating it is likely that one of the below applies:

  • You may need more tailored solutions for your child.
  • You may have encountered barriers to putting things in practice consistently, we’ll help you work through them.
  • Beliefs or worries may be getting in the way of making changes, we’ll help to de-bunk some myths and put your mind at ease.
  • You may need to put things in practice in a different order, or consider the right time for different strategies, as well as the pace of change that’s right for your child.
  • You’re likely doing many of the right things, but could be missing one or two important steps.

We are experts: Sprout is developed by feeding experts from psychology and dietetics so the support you receive is diverse and combines both of these specialisms.

Sprout is personalised: We cut out the irrelevant noise. You’ll be given information that is relevant to your child. Impersonalised advice isn’t just unhelpful, it can be detrimental and make your feeding journey worse.

Science is our thing: We are feeding nerds (proper geeks). If it isn’t backed by science (ie. it’s proven to work), you won’t find it here!   

We do not offer recipe or meal ideas as it is likely that anything we suggested would contain foods that your child doesn’t eat. Experience tells us this can be pretty frustrating for parents.

Instead, we guide you through how to offer new foods and how to step from your child’s current accepted foods to things they do not currently accept. This is a more useful way for you increase variety than recipes which potentially will not work for you.

Jump on the chat below and we will try and get back as soon as possible (we are still a very small team so bear with us!).