Step 1

Build your child's Picky Profile

Your first step to tackle picky eating is to build your child’s personalised digital profile. This will lay the foundation, helping you identify and start addressing the reasons why your child is picky. 

Built in 30 minutes, you get…

Clarity on the 7 causes of picky eating.

A picture of how they affect your child.

Simple tips to start to tackle them.

Trusted by parents just like you

How does it work?

Picky eating can be pretty complex and unfortunately, there’s no one sized fits all approach. Our Picky Profile helps you to focus on the things that will work for you and your child. No more stabbing in the dark, just effective targeted strategies.


Your child is unique. In around 30 minutes you'll build your child's unique fussy eating profile to find out what factors your child is HIGH, MEDIUM and LOW in.


Say goodbye to guesswork. With personalised guidance you'll start targeting the root causes of fussiness in your child with the ability to know what information to use and what to ignore.

Then what?

After completing your Picky Profile, you’ll be able to book a free call with one of our experts. You’ll learn more about joining a small group of parents on a Sprout team and how we’ll work together to put a plan of action in place to overcome your child’s picky eating.


You, your child and your experience of fussy eating is unique. After completing your Picky Profile you will have a clear understanding, across the 7 underlying causes of picky eating, of what factors your child might be struggling with. 

We’ll work with you to build the profile through activities and questions leading you to new insights and ideas. Once you’ve completed it, you can go back in to review the areas your child is HIGH in and start with some of the simple tips that will be relevant to you and them.

No, it will enable you to build the foundations required to start making long lasting changes. It will also give you some initial strategies to get the ball rolling. However, in order to fully work on your child’s eating you will need to join a Sprout team

Understanding why is integral to moving forward for several reasons.

  • How you approach things will vary slightly depending on your child’s reasons for their fussy eating. Knowing this information will help your child to move forward quicker and prevent you stabbing in the dark.
  • A few of the strategies we get you to use will feel counterintuitive; they will go against what you expect to be doing. Knowing why your child is fussy is going to help you to understand WHY those things work (as well as trusting in us that we are using very robust science and a wealth of experience!).
  • Really understanding why your child is fussy can help you to relate more to their behaviour around foods. Understanding food from your child’s perspective can spur you on to make changes and reduce their picky eating.

No, the Picky Profile is not a subscription and is currently a free step in the Sprout journey. Once you move on and join a Sprout team, the cost of the programme will be spread over 3 manageable monthly payments.

The way that Sprout is currently set up, we can assist with one child’s fussy eating at a time. We advise that you choose which child you would like to focus on and go through the process with that child in mind. There will be some crossover and it is likely you’ll see improvements with your other children too but it won’t be specifically targeted to them and won’t therefore be such a big change in their eating.

Send it over via the email address below and we will try and get back as soon as possible (we are still a very small team so bear with us!).